take a tour around the island

Rent a car or a motor to explore in more personal and easier ways to enjoy the beauties of the island. Let us help you find the best possible choice in car-rental for a safe drive.

If you are not willing to drive or just want to be lazy, you can pick one of the daily tours of the island! Safe transportation in luxurious private van-bus allows you to visit all the important sightseeing places or isolated beaches of the island with your own English-speaker guide.

visit a vineyard

Santorini is a destination not only known for the enchanting sunset and the worldwide famous caldera!

The traditional vineyards of the island also produce some of the finestand tasty wines all over the world!

A visit to one of the island’s wineries is a MUST experience and certainly one of the best things to do during your stay in Santorini that will remain unforgettable!

a tour around the island by sea

The surroundings of the island and the great sea-view are two of the things you definitely do not want to miss in your holidays in Santorini!

On a 5-hour sailing tour with CATAMARAN along side with only a few passengers, you will visit the famous Red and White beach of the Volcano and there you have the lifetime chance to feel the warm waters and enjoy the breathtaking sunset of Santorini!

We are excited to help you enjoy all these or any other activities you want to experience, as well as for restaurants, archaeological sites or the most important spots on the island!

The experienced team of IRENE CITY VILLAS is ready to make your holiday dreams happen!